The Best Nutritious Meal You Can Have

A salad is a great way to make a balanced meal that includes raw and live foods. Although salads are often thought to be only vegetables, you can actually make a healthy, meal prep delivery nutritious meal from your salad bowl. It can also include nuts and fruits.

Is that possible? How can a salad provide enough protein or fatty acids? How can it provide adequate carbohydrate and fats? All of these nutrients are required by the body throughout the day. It might seem that a typical salad is unable to provide them. However, this is a misleading view of the many different dishes that can be considered “salad”.

Consider a “quinoa salad” as an example. Although there are many variations of this theme, the most important thing is that you use quinoa. Quinoa is an ancient and delicious grain that packs a lot nutritional punch. It’s high in fiber and protein and can be paired with many vegetables, fruits, and dressings. To ensure texture, you can cook it until it is very tender. This will allow the grain to absorb the juices, enzymes and flavors of raw vegetables, dressings, and fruits that are added to the mixture.

This is only one grain that can be used as the base of a great salad. Other grains can be paired with chopped greens or herbs and tossed in a well-made dressing to provide ample nutrition. The portrait becomes complete when nuts and nut oil are added.